Factory Summary

Company Address Lot No.C-4 , Thilawa SEZ Zone A ,Yangon ,Myanmar
Start Operation Septeber, 2017
Area Land : 41669 m 2, Building : 16890.36m 2
Production Volume Yearly : 50,000 ton / 1 shift (100,000 / 2 shift )
Monthly 4, 166 ton / 1 shift (8,333 / 2 shift )
Product PHC Pile ( Prestressed High-strength Concrete Pile)
Shape Of Pile Cylinder hollow form
Pile diameter 5 kinds
(∅300, ∅350, ∅400, ∅500, ∅600)
Pile Type 3 kinds
( Type A, Type B , Type C)
Pile Length 12 kinds
(4m, 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 11m, 12m, 13m, 14m, 15m )
Pile Foundation A substructure in which piles are used to transfer the load from a structure to the soil.
The pile is classified into three types according to their methods of construction and the materials used.
(1) precast R.C concrete pile,
(2) Cast-in-situ Piles ( different type of bored piles) and
(3)Steel piles
Reason To Use PHC PHC pile is Prestressed High Strength Concrete Pile
Achieve excellent quality control because of manufactured in factory using High Strength Concrete and centrifugal technology to make cost effective.
Working load of PHC pile can be adjusted by changing diameter, concrete strength, thickness and prestressed wire size.
Installation of PHC pile using pre-bored method takes place gradually the instead of using bored pile, because of better quality control and less construction cost.
In most of the countries, like Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore are using PHC piles instead of RC precast piles.

Specification of PHC Pile 300-600

thickness of pile

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Lot No.C-4, Thilawa SEZ Zone A Yangon, Myanmar.