VJP Company Profile

Contributing to the growth of society and economy by establishing a joint venture with the major company in Myanmar engaging in the manufacturing and construction of concrete piles.

In 2015 , three companies -JAPAN PILE, Phan Vu and the major concrete pile company in Myanmar , Myanmar V-Pile Co.,Ltd. -established the joint venture VJP Co.,Ltd.VJP is set to construct a new plant in the Thilawa Special Economic Zone under development by the governments and private sectors of Japan and Myanmar , and plants to operate a business of manufacutring and selling concrete ( PHC ) piles in Myanmar.

Company name

: VJP Co., Ltd

Company Address

: Lot No. C-4, Thilawa SEZ A, Yangon, Myanmar

Start Operation

: September, 2017


: Dr. Sone Han, Managing Director


: [Manufacturing] Spun Pile ( PHC )
[ Construction] Pre-bored piling method


: Asia Pile Holdings Corporation ( JAPAN )
Myanmar V-Pile Company Limited ( MYANMAR )
Phan Vu Investment Corporation ( VIETNAM )

Dear Valued Client


VJP Company Co., Ltd. was incorporated in 2017 in Myanmar with core belief to fulfill the high demand of construction industry needs for infrastructure and buildings' foundation of Myanmar and VJP has been manufacturing pre-stressed high strength concrete spun pile for quality foundation.

Our vision is to be the market leader in Foundation Industry with our dedicated and professional team by delivering high quality products for our valued customers.

Therefore, we are striving to introduce the advanced technology of “Pre-bored piling method" that we have acquired through our experience and achievements.

Dr. Sone Han
Managing Director
VJP Co., Ltd.

Piling Method


Lot No.C-4, Thilawa SEZ Zone A Yangon, Myanmar.