VJP Company Profile

Contributing to the growth of society and economy by establishing a joint venture with the major company in Myanmar engaging in the manufacturing and construction of concrete piles.

In 2015 , three companies -JAPAN PILE, Phan Vu and the major concrete pile company in Myanmar , Myanmar V-Pile Co.,Ltd. -established the joint venture VJP Co.,Ltd.VJP is set to construct a new plant in the Thilawa Special Economic Zone under development by the governments and private sectors of Japan and Myanmar , and plants to operate a business of manufacutring and selling concrete ( PHC ) piles in Myanmar.

Piling Method

V-Pile Holding Co.,Ltd.
Japan Pile Corporation
Phan VU Co.,Ltd.
Asia Pile Holdings Corporation


Lot No.C-4, Thilawa SEZ Zone A Yangon, Myanmar.